Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Posh Peelings

This is Salty Dog, one of my closest friends.  Not that we live in each other's pockets mind you.  I only see her a couple of times a year.  She spends the rest of her childless existence sailing the high seas in the Carribean and the Med and only makes brief sojourns back to Devon every six months or so. Me, I volunteer for the PTA and sew badges on cub uniforms.  I'm sure that you'll agree that's far more piratical and rebel rousing.

The various jobs that Salty Dog has had on boats include slaving away in the galley. catering for posh American people who give her enormous tips for the privilege. So when she came to supper she was all too keen to help with the cooking.  Now I thought that I'm not all that wasteful when it comes to food but she showed me how to take thrifty eating to a new and unexpectedly delicious level.  She washed and shallow fried my vegetable peelings and sprinkled them with seasalt to make a tasty and nutritious pre-dinner snack that she'd served to those seafaring guests.  And why not?  Most of the goodness is reputedly in the skin of fruit and veg after all..  Goodness knows what she's doing with the carrot peel in the sieve here though.  Dangling it over a pan of boiling chickpeas is not part of the  procedure.  Then again, I'd had a couple of cook's glasses of wine when I took the picture and failed to notice that she was doing something strange.

For those of you who want to take this idea further, follow this link.  You may never see fruit and veg food 'waste' in the same light ever again!

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