Saturday, 17 November 2012

Thwarted Art Theft? Mystery Solved!

I have two very beautiful charcoal nudes hung in my dining room, a gift from my talented brother who drew them in life classes.  They're not really sepia tinged but with my limited photographic expertise, it was the only way I could capture an image that didn't have annoying reflections. Anyway, yesterday I came home and was surprised to see that they were propped against the wall. Mildly concerned that the burglar who'd taken them down in preparation for loading into his van was still in the house,  I looked around for signs of other things out of place.  However nothing struck me as suspicious.  The instantaneous idea that they'd been knocked off the wall during an earth tremor was also rejected in spite of being in close vicinity of  a fair few fault lines that cause the occasional minor Devonian rumble.

'Do you know who put my nudie lady pictures on the floor?'  I asked Louis who, at that moment came barging through the front door.  'Yes', he stated categorically. 'I did. They were putting me off doing my homework.  Don't you know I'm only nine?  I shouldn't have to be  looking at things like that!'