Monday, 5 November 2012

Scary Stitches

Now the details of my felting course are going to fall off the end of my weekly posts today and it would be nice to say that I'd done a whole lot more crafting.  Have I heck!  As usual there's been too much else to do, which has including resurrecting my Tiny Business, this time secondhand finds other than jewellery.

But I thought I'd show you something creative to brighten your day.  What's more it's something that I'm not tempted to reproduce myself.  I'll leave that to all you clever souls who're a dab hand with the knitting needles.  It's not my thing - too slow and I always had a problem with tension.  Plus the fact that I'm left handed which  makes initially enthusiastic teachers shy away and rush for the gin  once the immensity of the task in hand dawns upon them.

Anyway, I spotted these brilliant knits in the Guardian the other day.  I normally like to ask permission before I use other people's photos but I thought that if I gave the article and the book a plug then I might not get into too much trouble.  There's plenty of time between now and next Halloween to get cracking and produce all the scary things Hannah Simpson's Evil Knits: 20 Projects That Go Bump in the Night.  There are freak show finger puppets, a Kracken tentacle and, of course, a voodoo doll to tempt.  But my personal favourite?  Well it has to be this shrunken head in a jar!

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  1. Those are great - and I took up my knitting needles again after a long pause only yesterday. I think it was meant to be that I'd see these today!