Thursday, 15 November 2012

Skyfalling Sid

Photo:  British Cinema Greats
A quickie today but I'm sure its going to give a lot of you food for thought, though not in a highbrow cerebral way.   At work we were talking about the latest James Bond movie and moved on  to thinking about Daniel Craig.  Inevitably lots of oohing and aahing ensued from certain female members of staff who will remain nameless.  After all we do not want the full force of the NHS's equality and diversity team to fall upon them for their lack of political correctness.

Strange creature that I am, I do not go with the view that Daniel Craig is a complete and utter sex symbol even when he was wearing 'those trunks'.  I'm more of the opinion that, as observed, by Barbie Nurse's very own Ken that he bears an uncanny resemblance to Sid James.  It's was different to find shots of the two actors to demonstrate this likeness.  You'll have to go on an Internet search of your own if you want to do more research.  Never say this blog isn't interactive!  Our favourite 'Carry On' actor always seemed to be photographed sporting a gaping grin whereas Danny boy keeps his mouth closed.  Perhaps that's because he's all too aware of his resemblance to Sid?


  1. Daniel doesn't do it for me, don't know what the women see in him. Give me Sean any day.

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  3. All said and done, I feel Craig is the one who has come closest to Sean Connery when it comes to Bond films.

  4. guess we are all Sean fans then.