Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Perfect Bag?

For years I've been on a mission to find the ultimate stowage that works for me.  After experimenting with all sorts of handbags, rucksacks and things to organise the crap out of me, I've come to a conclusion.  I'm never going to keep a bag tidy and  more pockets just means that I've got many extra places to search for my phone, eye drops or whatever it is was I chucked in it earlier.  The simple Seasalt whale bag that I spotted on a wander around town a couple of years ago which was bought for me by Louise Tiplady, stonecarver extraordinaire and all round good egg, has been put into service for the last few months.  One large compartment with a single place to rummage for stuff.  Perfect!

The only problem is that it's hessian and not that robust. So I want to retire it and keep it as a decorative piece before it falls apart and looks really manky.  During a mooch around the charity shops in Plymouth I think I've found the ideal replacement made by a Australian company called Skipping Girl.  They sell these cute totes that are knitted from plastic yarn.  Even the lovely rope straps that are just the right length to carry on the shoulder, are covered with plastic tubing.  My lovely wave bag is just the right size for my lunch, purse, phone, camera, umbrella, my new felt pencil case and other odds and sods.  It's extremely robust and can be wiped down under the tap if it gets mucky.  Which I guarantee it will.  Mama Lovelygrey can tell you that I am a dirt magnet and could look grimy in three seconds as a child even if I was standing still and didn't touch anything.

These bags sell for $120 Australian dollars, the equivalent of about seventy five of your English pounds.  But the cost of this designer priced beauty to me? Just £4.  You can pick them up mega cheaply on Ebay too although not at the moment.  I've bought  up the entire UK stock.  Another in a different colourway for myself and two more to give as presents to friends!

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