Friday, 30 November 2012

There is Felt and Felt

Wow! I must have been thoroughly taken by last month's felting course. For blow me down, I've cracked on and completed a project using one of the products of my labour in, what is for me, super quick time!  I've backed my goldfish panel onto grey wool felt using a random length long stitch and made up a much needed cushion for the day bed in the lounge.

What I've realised is that most felt available is pretty crap.  It's thin, gets bobbly easily and is made from man made fibres.  What I wanted to set off my merino felt piece properly was gorgeous fabric that would last so I splashed out on a beautiful piece of grey pure wool felt from the aptly named wool felt company.  It was more than six times the cost of the acrylic stuff that I found in a haberdashery shop in Brighton but boy, was it worth it.  It's taken my home accessory out of the realm of faddy fashion accessory that'll look tatty in no time and turned it into a hardwearing heirloom!


  1. That really is a beautiful piece - art and craft combined I would say.No wonder you wanted to complete it!