Saturday, 3 November 2012

Thought for the Day: There May Never Be a Rainy Day

A fair few of the people who arrive at this site come from the frugal, thrifty community. Instead of finding a kindred spirit finding innovative ways  to save every penny they'll instead discover a seemingly wayward spender. Impulse clothes purchases, meals out, running a motorhome, skiing, posh perfume, luxury nosh and art acquisitions have all been featured  Tut tut,. I don't know.   It might make some wonder.  Shouldn't lovelygreyday be a shopping blog instead?

So, today I thought I'd give you my philosophy on spending.  It'll have to be quick though because I want to get out and hit the charity shops!!!!  My work involves encountering  far more personal crisis than most.  I'm all too aware that ordinary people's best laid plans can be ruined at the drop of a hat by sudden illness, accident or other catastrophic event.  I think others in healthcare are all too aware of this too.  It may be why nurses have a reputation for partying harder than most.  So whilst I budget ahead and save when I can,  I also spend some of my money on things that I enjoy on an ongoing basis.  And to help fund this I scimp on stuff that I  personally view  as unnecessary -  haircuts, make up, heating the house when I'm not in it, designer stuff for a nine year old.  Each of us will have our own unique list. This spending vs. saving balances seems a pragmatic stance.  There may never be the envisaged rainy day or super sunny ones either!


  1. My Dad's sudden death at the age of 55 profoundly affected how I live my life. Despite a low income, we have an annual holiday, have renovated the house,and as you know from reading my now defunct blog, I love to charity and carboot shop, because I want to have what I consider a nice home. We also manage to overpay the mortgage and save just over 10% of our income each month. For us it really is all about balance, and like you I'm happy to not spend on what I see as unnecessary, in order to achieve that balance.

  2. Its what works best for your life. Spend and save. Frugal doesn't have to be hardcore!

  3. This is the same position I take: a balance between living for the now (because who knows what tomorrow brings?) and making sure we have an adequate lifeboat if the rains do come.

    Everyone has their own splurge areas and I think some of us fall into the trap of assuming everyone else splurges in that area too, or conversely, if they think something is pointless, then it objectively is.

    I also think there are some people in the frugal blogging scene who are out and out martyrs, wearing their hyper-frugality as a hair shirt to atone for previous bad behaviour. Their obsession doesn't always seem healthy, as if they've swapped one compulsion for another. I've had to stop following many of them because the tips aren't worth the worry.