Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Unpaid and Frazzled

This is what's taking up all my spare time at the moment but at three thirty on Sunday I'll be able to heave a great big sigh of relief.  But until then there's plenty of keep me out of the trouble that I so long to be in.  Lucky dip presents to wrap, signs to be hammered in along the approach roads to the town, a visit to the cash and carry and of course decorating the hall over the weekend and clearing up after the big event.  It's making me tired thinking about it.  Oh, hang on I was completely knackered already and must muster some inner reserves from deep within.

I've taken a long close look at my volunteering as it's been stressing me this year.  And this should never be.  Something has to give.  The Scout fundraising will stay but I'm hopping off the PTA committee.  What I'd like to do is some work for organisations that don't involve my own child on a more ad-hoc basis.  A bit of conservation maybe?  I'll see what the local volunteer bureau have to offer in 2013.

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  1. Good luck with finding other volunteering x