Friday, 2 November 2012

You Choose!

Right! its November so the well organised among you have my permission to seriously think of Christmas and finish off the shopping that you've been doing all year before the masses start their orgy of reckless spending.  If you're stuck for a present for a little'un, let me suggest  'You Choose! ', a book that provided entertainment for Lou and me for many years.  There's a myriad of  scenarios where you have to make your preferred choice.  I'm not explaining this very well so let me show you what I mean based on the pages from the book.  But instead of using the zany illustrations from the book to help me imagine having anything I wanted here are the photos of my true life objects of desire!

If I could go anywhere it would be around the World of course but I'd make a special stop off at Easter Island.

Q:  Who would I like for family and friends
A:  Well the ones I've got already will do quite nicely but if I had to choose another, maybe they'd be someone who's  a great cook, made me laugh and helped me to dress gorgeously.

I'd choose a home like this Art-Deco one in Brixham that is on the market for the meagre price of £600K.

Photo: Floatguru

There would definitely be a floatation tank in it.

My preferred transport would a motorhome of course.  This Burstner Ixeo IT666 would do rather nicely!

When I got hungry there would  be chocolate, ice cream and perhaps a blooming great assiette de fruits de mer - delivered by a high speed service from Brittany of course.

What would I wear?  Blimey this was harder than I thought!  I think that it would pretty much be the same, mostly secondhand stuff sourced from Ebay and charity shops but with the odd bit of couture thrown in!  Like this divine Caroline Walker evening dress.

And for shoes, how about these kangaroo stilts. They'd go well with the dress!

And to top it all off the hat would have to be pure Carmen Miranda.

Photo: Diliff

The book encourages me to get myself a pet....or two or three or more. Let's just be content with a colony of koala and a eucalyptus grove outside the '30s home.

Ideal job?  Well I'm getting past the stage in my life where career ambition is paramount.  Perhaps employment as a hammock tester would be taxing enough!

Photo: Soljaguar

And what would I do for fun.  Well,all the things I do now; travelling, craft, seeing friends, reading, skiing,walking etc etc. I might try new things like scuba diving too.

Photo: Charlie Brewer

And finally when it was time for beddie byes I would have to be rocked to sleep by the waves in the berth of a boat.

So now.  What would you choose?

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