Monday, 10 December 2012

£100 Challenge: £69.50 Left But......

....I've changed my mind as is the perogative of every man, woman and child out there!   And beasts too for that matter.  Good news for any fickle moggies out there!

A couple of weeks ago I set myself the task of buying replacement bedframe, sewing machine and vacuum cleaner for a mere £100.  A day into the challenge two items had been ticked off the list.  My lovely 'new' Dyson DC03 was secured from Ebay for a mere snippet over a tenner. Then the question posed to my work colleagues 'Does anyone out there have a sewing machine that they don't want anymore' yielded this hardworking beauty.  I beat up the asking price of a tenner to twenty pounds in fairness to the seller, a process that bargain hunting Louis finds totally inconceivable.

Now it would be very easy to buy a bed for less than the remaining £69.50.  There's a lovely iron one in Plymouth on Ebay at the moment with an asking price of fifty quid.  But I've been having a good, hard think and decided that with limited storage  what I'd really like is an ottoman bed.  Then I'll have a home for all my camping gear which is currently house in random places including the motorhome.   As the proposed Lovelygrey home doesn't have a loft my need for clever hidey holes just won't go away spending the extra now might just be a good long term investment.

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  1. Had to laugh at you 'beating up' the selling price out of fairness to the seller! I do that too, which both my husband and my daughter find ridiculous! Those Ottoman beds look very handy.