Tuesday, 11 December 2012

2013: No More Clothes!!!!!!

I just lurve Seasalt clothing and because of that avoid their Totnes shop like the plague on my lunchtime forays up Fore Street.  There's a danger that I could go mad in there and buy half the stock. Not a good idea when I want to maintain my travelling lifestyle of the four holidays a year that I've become accustomed to. And buy the house of my dreams as well. Thriftiness is all about making informed choices and prioritising spending on the things that personally matter the most.

This season I've been a good girl and resisted.this Cornish retailer's wanton charms...until now.  The knitwear is reduced at the moment.  So I've treated myself to this early Christmas present that  I've coveted since my last naughty visit which I just knew would expose me to unbearable temptation.  It will go so well with all my nautically striped clothing and the understated motif is much nicer than all those ironic yuletide knits.

But that's seriously  it now.  No more sale buying, charity shop rummages, Ebay bargains, fabric for Mama Lovelygrey to rustle up my own designerwear or sneaky clothing purchases in any shape or form, online or in person.     This year has been expensive what with moving house and all.  So,  I'm currently drawing up a list of spending that will be totally off limits in 2013  with a view to replenishing the piggy bank and making some serious overpayments on the new mortgage!


  1. With that title, I was a bit worried about where this post was going! ;-)

  2. Nah! I don't do public nudity! x

  3. I do find your attitude to thriftiness/frugality refreshing - no hair shirt wearing (not even secondhand from a charity shop!)and no insisting you 'have no money', but genuine pleasure in the things you do buy or experience due to your money saving in other areas. The jumper is lovely - enjoy it every time you put it on!