Thursday, 20 December 2012

2013: The Rules

Here's something from my recent trip to the home of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen, a glorious driftwood boat by Kirsty Elson  whose website is a wealth of highly covetable reclaimed and hand crafted objects.  But alas, 'Chucky Boat' is off limits for me.  For I have decided to start my spending plan for 2013 early.  In doing so I'll avoid the temptation of all those Christmas and New Year Sales.

So here's a spending that is completely off limits for the next 387 days.
Blimey!  So what is allowed then.   Well, quite a bit really.  Lovely food, presents for Louis and others, holidays,socialising, craft courses and  pictures and wallhangings to fill some empty gaps. But I'll make sure that at least 50% of stuff that is not on the forbidden list is sourced from local suppliers.  And I'll consider secondhand and recycled goods before new items.

So what's all this is aid of.  Well, with a new house purchase around the corner, I'm hoping that at least £3000 can be saved that can go towards mortgage overpayments.   And time, usually spent trawling shops and car boot sales may be used for more productive purposes.

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  1. Excellent idea - we all need to cut down. Like many others, I've got far too much stuff, especially those things that sit on shelves. I'll join you in this quest.