Sunday, 16 December 2012

A Question for the US?

As in the run up to every Christmas, Louis is really, really bugging me at the moment.  I blame the school where the hype for the festive season starts in November.  But I am truly thankful, that unlike parents at Sandy Hook  in Connecticut, I still have a kid to annoy the hell out of me until the 25th of this month and  on a regular basis for many years to come.

Now gun crime is rare as rocking horse dropping in most areas of the UK and I'm going to cite a piece of wholly unscientific evidence from my profession as proof.  In my twelve years of practice as an occupational therapist I've come across one person that I've treated as a consequence of a bullet wound, a guy out hunting who'd accidentally shot himself in the leg.  Contrast this to the experience of  a friend who went to work in a hospital in a quiet part of the States who found that dealing with injuries caused in this way was a matter of routine.

So I'm asking the people of America, a country that I know and love to bits,  'Do you really need your liberal gun laws when there is so much tragedy associated with preserving this right?' And to all those parents, who will no longer be tearing their hair out as the season of peace and goodwill gets rather too exciting for the little people, my heart goes out to you.


  1. I am from the US. I have been saying this about having stricter gun laws here for many years. Part of the problem is that each state has their own laws for purchasing guns. One state will have certain ID that you need and will even have a background check on a person and require time to do this so as to prevent just anyone from having a gun while other states do not have this law. The people who hate talk about stricter gun laws are the same people who say they hate "big government" so they feel that if the Federal government took over the gun laws and made them universal, it would mean MORE federal control. I see it the opposite way. I think it would make it harder to obtain a weapon and there would be no question about the law. Sandy Hook will happen again unfortunately. There is no end to this stuff unless we do something now. My husband says even if we do get stricter gun laws, it will take years before all the illegal guns are out of the hands of people, unless they have another law stating that all guns bought before the new laws went into effect have to be relinquished. I don't have the answer. I just wish something could be done soon to stop this crazy behavior.

  2. Since the Dunblane tradegy ,our gun laws have been tightened up and 'please God' seems to be working Jan xx