Monday, 17 December 2012

Babar Baubles

It is my firm belief that Christmas trees should not be swathed according to the latest trend. Instead  their decor needs to evolve as the years goes by. Trinkets rediscovered from their storage box in the loft  are able to take their rightful place alongside one or two new carefully chosen or made dangly companions.  There is no place for the whims of fashion in this special annual ritual.

My new guise as a singleton has left me bereft of baubles. those collected over a twenty one year old period that used to jostle for branches have been left in my former marital home.  So, I have to start afresh, a situation that it is pretty much a metaphor for 2012.

So this year's tree has a far sparser minimalist feel to that I've been used to.  There's a few decorations that I bought from the craft stalls at the Scout Fayre, a bit of tinsel of course, a star for the top and  lights.  White twinkly ones would have been my aesthetic preference but Louis wanted blue and hey! its not a life or death choice so I succombed to nine year old fancies.

And I'm making these  paper baubles aided by a tutorial from the Guardian.  Easy-peasy and effective but definitely not for those who regard destroying books as a mortal sin.  I may be condemned to bookworm hell for cutting up two mini Babar books and a compendium of nursery rhymes but I'll take my chances.  The chosen victims of the sharp scissors were tatty cheapies from the charity shop.  It's not like they were first editions or anything.

I'm hoping that my childhood inspired trinkets will be robust enough to last for many Christmases to come.  Who knows what homemade goodies will join them over the years. These little parcels are guaranteed not to make it past Twelfth Night.  Their survival to Christmas Eve could even be threatened.  They're my take on tree chocs.  No low cocoa content nasties here.  Each little foil wrapped present contains a treat sized bar of Green and Blacks!


  1. Babar is a firm favourite at Beyond the Nook. J will be walking K down the aisle to the theme tune in August! I have 2 trees - one to indulge my love of vintage, including baubles from my childhood, my early married years in the mid 80s and treasure from my early morning raids on the carboot, and another one to indulge my love of colour and design.

  2. Everything on my tree has been bought at "one time or another" and has a little memory. Sometimes I don't remember it, but someone always does and comes out with the "d'you remember when" to which I always reply "oh yes" haha. I know someone who lets her children dress the tree and when they go to bed does it all over again how she wants it and never lets her kids choose the bits for it as she has a style she likes to keep to. Takes all sorts to make a world. I love that lady very much but I'm me and she's she.

  3. Yes here here to the evolving trinket tree! Am with you on that one! We have inherited baubles and ones that are special and old. I always go for the red and gold and silver style ones. or have throughout the years anyway so it does kind of match in a funny way lol. Just a preference for the traditional red gold green silver on green really. And we have the all in one shade clear lights.
    the star on our tree is one made by Weeny girls when she was in nursery, we have various bits and shells strung on gold ribbon with red glitter on them. We searched the beach for shells with holes worn in them. All precious!

    Love the book pages idea!!!