Saturday, 15 December 2012

Billy No Best Mates

I've been rejoicing lately that I don't have a clique of friends with whom I do the majority of my socialising.   My mates are a diverse bunch, and a few of them are scattered across the globe.  Some are work colleagues that  I see almost daily but there will come a time when this will not be so.  I'll  get together with others quite regularly and then there are those who go on and off the radar.  Months or years go by and then they pop up again and we'll spend time together, hours or even a couple of weeks away on holiday.

What I like about this arrangement is that there are a group of people who I reckon that I could rely on to be there practically and emotionally for me when times are hard even if they are half way across the globe.  I hope that they know that I provide the same service for them!   But this is a 'no strings attached' arrangement.  They're free to do what they want with who they want at any time at all.  The green eyed goddess never rears her head because they're doing something with someone else.

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