Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Everyday Story of Frisky Farming Folk

This is a heartfelt plea to the producers of the Archers, that long running BBC Radio 4 Soap.  Please could the characters stop sowing their wild oats on the airwaves and instead concentrate their effects on improving the crop yield in the the fields around Ambridge?  The programme that started its life in the '50s as a means of disseminating information to farmers now seems to be a cauldron of muckiness and innuendo  that make Carry On films seem like arthouse productions.

Now, regular readers will be aware that I'm no Mary Whitehouse.  As such I'm not adverse to a bit of smut but it's the toe curling awfulness of  execution of the scenes in the Archers that I object to, not the principle.   If there are radio awards for bad sex in 2012 the series could win them several times over  As if Chris and Alice's huffings and puffings  in the forge earlier this year weren't bad enough, I've now been subjected to both the  lustful groans from Lillian and saucy talk from Mike and  pregnant Vicky all rolled together in one fearful episode.    Bring back the advice about removing stones from hoofed feet or  tips on how to win a ploughing contest that those producers of old envisaged!


  1. I am 3 days behind. Now I am not sure whether to 'listen again' and catch up, or just read the written synopsis on the website!

    Lilian always was 'no better than she ought to be'

    dum di dum di dum di dum...

  2. I haven't had an opportunity to know about the Archers but I do find that most shows aren't that great these days and must include way too much sex to keep an audience. I am really enjoying Last Tango In Halifax as they are close to my age and you hear about "it" but don't actually see it :)