Saturday, 1 December 2012

Exposed!: Mr Anonymous from Guyana

Ye protest too much Mr Anonymous from Guyana.  'Don't take a picture of me for your blog' he said, and then proceeded to pose with a cheeky grin. I have taken this as consent!

Here's he is, pictured with Svelte Support, our wonderful weight watching community worker, as he was the instigator of a shared 'Wellbeing' lunch at work.  We all brought contributions, mostly homemade. There were scotch eggs, coffee and walnut cake, vegetable pakoras, fruit salad, frittata, fatless sponge and cheese scones.  The list goes on and on.  My own offering? A celeriac soup which bubbled away in my slow cooker pot for the morning.  Here's the easy-peasy recipe.

As well as being a brilliant sharing experience there was enough food over for another  hearty lunch each.  I even squeezed a mug of soup out of the pitiful remnants in the fridge that were left on the third day.  And now the Social Services team are begging to join us too the next time.  Could this become a hospital wide event in a few months time?

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