Thursday, 6 December 2012

Fingers Crossed

Now I've said before that things have been bubbling on behind the scenes in my busy little life that have made it even more hectic than usual.  Today, because of   excitement overload of the highest order, I cannot stop myself from making a partial disclosure about one of these.  The story will unwind as events unfold and hopefully come to fruition early in 2013.

Yesterday, just as I was leaving work, I had an offer accepted on a house.  Not just  a bog standard abode I'll have you know, but somewhere that will make a home that it would be hard to beat even in my wildest dreams!  Airy, spacious,  characterful and in the location that I never thought that I could afford, all at a bargain price.  It's not a wreck either.  The marquee floors are stripped and the marble work surfaces for perfect pastry have already been installed.

So, to avoid being gazumped by all my readers, that's all I'm saying at the moment.  If I tell you where it is you might all want it!  What I will start to share is the financial process of home buying in a thrifty way and saving on fees, mortgages and future tax bills.  There's thousands to be saved here.  And later on, when the sale is further down the line I'll let you know where it is that I'm going to live where its possible to buy into a super chic lifestyle on a budget!


  1. I can feel the excitement rippling through the blogging comunity. I for one will look forward to reading about your purchase, and viewing the new abode. Can we start guessing now? I can see a renovated or partially renovated school house or chapel. That would be my dream house.

  2. That sounds fabulous! I have my fingers crossed that all goes smoothly for you.

  3. Congratulations. Very exciting news. Hope all goes smoothly.

  4. This is wonderful news for you. All the best with your new venture!