Friday, 14 December 2012

If It's Too Good to Be True?

Right the house buying updates are going to get a bit boring now as I'm going to have to involve those men in suits, the financiers who'll give me a mortgage and a legal bod to see the process through from start to finish.  Yawn!  Somehow thrifty living seems much more interesting when you're saving a few pence doing something with clothes pegs or sticky backed plastic.  But I'm going to have to cover this because potentially there's three figure sum savings to be had.  Enough indeed for a ferry crossing to Brittany in 2013.  That's got to be worth it.

I was told excitedly by 'Model Student', my much loved protegee who sadly left her clinical placement yesterday, that she had paid just £600 for her conveyancing costs.  Six hundred quid!  Surely it's just a matter of a bit of form filling?  Could I do it myself and even treat us to a cabin upgrade as well?

Let me say upfront that I didn't even contemplate this. I've got enough stress in my life without plummeting myself into unknown legal territory.  There's an excellent website The Advisory give impartial advice for home movers that has an article setting out the pros and cons of DIY conveyancing if you're in the same boat.  Instead I've turned to online businesses rather than the high street as it seems that there is a considerable saving to be had by letting somewhere I'll never meet tackle the work.  Some of these faceless dudes are even  advertising a rate of £99 plus VAT.

In the end I've gone with a company costing three times this amount but half Model Students bargain price. I haven't thrown caution to the wind and been swayed exclusively by price but read reviews before making my choice.  A 'No Sale, No Fee' agreement also was a deciding factor.   I'll let you know at completion if my still ultra cheap legal fees were, in fact too good to be true and divulge the name of the chosen firm whatever the result!

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  1. We shopped around locally for conveyancing, and found a smaller firm in a less desirable area of town which was soooo much cheaper than those who owned huge, newly built, swanky offices in the swisher parts.They did a great job. It was the estate agency fees that I begrudged paying, and they definitely didn't get a thankyou from me on completion, and having had friends who moved around the same time that we did, it wasn't just the firm that we used that was incompetent!