Friday, 7 December 2012

Lidly Didly

Lidl is foodie heaven at the moment.  No wonder it was busy. It's so mesmerising that I forgot the plain flour that I went in for and bought this lot instead.  There's a bit of an anti-pasti meat platter and sweet toothed thing  going on.  And there's more to tempt.  Lobster, quail, scallops, cocoa, continental cheeses, dusted nuts fine-ish wines......the list goes on and on.  I almost succombed to the Siberian reindeer steaks but realised that spending could get well and truly out of  control so stopped.  I may have to try them out when I go back for my flour!

There was one more purchase that was not as impulsive or  barking mad as it might initially seem.  When it comes to perfume I'm normally a Chanel girl.  No 19 or Cristalle Eau Verte are my favoured smellies and my current bottle only has a week or two's life in it.    So I was intrigued by signs in the store highlighting the fact that the naffly named 'Madame Glamour' had surpassed Chanel in sniff tests where it was likened to Coco Mademoiselle.  Were those 'guinea pigs' blinkered and does it, in reality, smell like a rat's armpit after a couple of hours of wear.   No it doesn't.  It last for ages and is bloody lovely.  A high accolade indeed from a previous fragrance snob.  The downside?  Well, the packaging isn't exactly high end but for £3.99 vs. my usual £50 spend, I'm happy to put up with it.


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  2. I see you have bought the Baklava..... it really is delicious! Lidls is my first port of call these days.