Sunday, 2 December 2012

Look Away Squidward! Calamari Perfected

Attention all seafood lovers! Do you realise that calamari fritti is a doddle to make.  Since discovering this life changing fact about a month ago,  this  snack has now become part of my regular homemade repertoire.  As Asda's freezer section has bags of squid tubes for a rather reasonable £4 they've taken their place proudly with baked beans, garlic, onions and rice as a valued store cupboard ingredient.

The Guardian, that trusty rag of pinko lefties everywhere, has been running a series of articles about cooking various dishes perfectly. They take a whole bunch of recipes from different renowned sources and then combine them to make the ultimate version.  You can follow the recipe that they suggest  which is rather good.  The slacker amongst you might  just like to pare it down and make Lovelygrey's less faffy version.

I just cut squid into half inch rounds, pat with kitchen towel until dry-ish and then dip in a mixture of half and half  of well seasoned plain flour and cornflour.  The luscious rings of loveliness are then fried until light brown in my smallest pan with about two inches of  hot sunflower oil in its bottom, drained on kitchen towel and then served with a bit more sea salt and whatever I've got in the fridge that might vaguely compliment them.  Lemon is a given, but this days little mouthfuls of plum cherry tomato complement the salty crunchiness nicely.

I leave the oil to cool in the pan and then strain in through a muslin.  It then can be reused again for a good couple of weeks worth of shallow frying.  This makes me wonder if so little oil is used,that this tasty meze staple might even be regarded as a low fat snack(!)

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