Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Mimicking Miranda!

My festive frolicking has been curtailed a little by a nine year old laid low with a stinking cold and my own emergent early symptoms.  Let's hope that a lovely glass of red wine might keep those lurgies at bay!  No comments from bright sparks please how alcoholic beverages may not be good for my immune system, recommending weird and wonderful, tried and tested natural remedies instead.  La! la! la!  My fingers are in my ears and I'm not listening to you. Now pass that Cabernet!

Along with the vast majority of the British public I've been indulging in a bit of seasonal telly watching.  For the first time I selflessly sat through an episode of  'Strictly' the height of cheesy viewing and found myself involuntarily enjoying it, though not enough to become a regular viewer.  Do you know that Papa Lovelygrey lived near Brucie as a boy and the local youngsters took the mick out of him for his penchant for tap dancing.  Now  I wonder who got the last laugh.

Finally, I've found something pant wettingly exciting on the British airways for this evening that I'm actually looking forward to.  The first episode of Miranda Series 3 is being screened on the BBC!  I'm sure the character is modelled on me as I am one of the clumsiest people alive, my life can sometimes seem like a charade and I do admit to fancying Gary, who in real life has a beautiful svelte wife rather than being attracted to us more rotund members of the female species.  But the main proof is that I'm a complete wet blanket when  it comes to coping with staying up late.  I so related to the episode in Series 2 where Miranda transformed into a complete wreck after staying up all night to match the staying power of  a younger woman.   As such I'm a little perplexed.  Why is tonight's offering being screened at 9 o' clock?  It will extend way past my usual bedtime!

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