Saturday, 29 December 2012

More Clues!

Well, here I am transported to my childhood hometown, via the hour long traffic jam past Stonehenge on the A303.    No matter, for now I am in the UK's property hotspot, Southend-on-Sea where house prices have soared faster than everywhere else in the last year.  Everyone wants to live by the seaside, me included!

I reckon that this is a good time to disclose a few more facts about my imminent property purchase which yes, is also a coastal haunt.   Working in the prosperous South Hams blinded me to the fact that I could afford to live my dream of sauntering out of my front door and down to the coast with a cuppa.   And I don't have to resort to residing in the motorhome to do so.

So yes, my lovelies, I'm buying my own pad by the sea for I am more myself when I have ozone coursing through my veins.   The good news is that it's light, airy and spacious with plenty of room to swing any cat that might be passing, even a burly one.  It even has dedicated space for crafting.   There's sea views from the top floor and it's just a short wander down to a pictoresque harbour in a thriving community.   The baddish news?  Well, due to its geography I won't be able to move in immediately as it would disrupt Louis' schooling.  So for the first few years it will be rented out and bring in a steady income to offset my own rental costs.

More  titbits  in another post.  At exchange I'll  let you in on the location of my own potential property hotspot.     I'll also  give details of how  I've saved thousands of pounds in buying costs and the steps that I'll be taking  to make sure that being a landlord doesn't turn into a loss making nightmare!


  1. Great news - look forward to hearing more!

  2. That sounds fabulous. Fingers crossed for a smooth completion.