Wednesday, 12 December 2012

No More Bowls

Following on from yesterday,  where I scared one reader, Andrea, into thinking that I might be contemplating naturism, I'm going to share another of  my weakness which is going to be off-limits for 2013.  I will not be buying ceramics, glass or anything else that has to sit on a shelf or other flat surface.  There are good practical reasons for this in that I have run out of space to display them.  But I must say that it's a darned shame that this resolution comes just when I've fallen  hopelessly in love with another craftman's work

I popped into the Devon Guild of Crafts for their Make Exhibition on Sunday  and found these dishes by David Ashby, a potter who hails from up North,  to be right up my street.  They're witty, beautifully crafted and the colour palate is sublime.   There were mugs too but darn it! I've got enough of those as well.

So for now I'll just have to use them as a design source for something that I will make myself. I'll take inspiration from them when I go on my next felting course with Rosy Tydeman sometime in the New Year.

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