Monday, 24 December 2012

Papa Lovelygrey's Sarfend Cream

When I rose at 7:40am there were nineteen things on my To Do List.  Writing this blog, lovely readers, is the seventh thing I've tackled from it.  We've rushed into Newton Abbot to collect a parcel, I've made a couple of call that can't wait until after Christmas, defrosting is underway and there's a stew in the slow cooker for tonight.  Did I say that I was on annual leave?

I've also knocked up an old favourite drink that my dear Dad, Papa Lovelygrey,  used to make at Christmas.  It's ideal for using up leftover whiskey, Camp Coffee and condensed milk!  Oh okay, you might have to pop out and buy some of the more unusual ingredients that don't feature in my list of store cupboard essentials.  But it's oh so worth it, to make Southend-on-Sea's answer to Bailey's Irish Cream that's just as nice and much less than half the price.

So after hunting around Asda for those elusive products of yesteryear, take a 350ml pot of single cream  (not the two you see here!), a generous wine glass of cheap whiskey, a tin of condensed milk, a lidful of vanilla essence and 2tsp of Camp Coffee, blitz it all with the hand blender.  Pour into a storage bottle and pop this elixir of Essex into the fridge. There's other recipes for this around on the Internet which talk about a shelf life for this product but believe me, in my house, it never stays around long enough to go off.

Apologies to all for the crappiness of my photos today.  I didn't realise that they're were lacking until after I'd downloaded them.  But hey, this is Lovelygrey Cottage not the home of one of those perfect Christmas hosts that you see on TV.  Sometimes there's no time for cosmetic niceties.  Right, onto task number eight.  There are toilets to clean!


  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    Love from Mum

  2. Hope you managed to complete the list. Happy Christmas.x

  3. Err...what's 'leftover whiskey'? Merry Christmas. xx