Thursday, 27 December 2012

Post Christmas Peace

I think a day to myself at home alone is what I've needed for a very long time.  Littl'un is at his Dad's house no doubt chucking himself around whilst playing his new Xbox 360 Kinect games whilst I, on the other hand, luxuriate in glorious silence.  I've had a leisurely bath, read a book, supped cuppas and  marvelled at the blue sky that appears between those heavy showers that seem to have become the norm for the southwestern reaches of the UK. I feel like the Henry Thoreau of Devon but  British, female and I don't live in a wood.

I thought  I'd show you one of my tree decorations today.  It's made by one of my relatives, Crafty Tash who, if my recollection serves me right, stamped self hardening clay and then painted it when it had dried out.  Proof that handmade beauties don't have to take hours and hours to make.  Its message seems to fit the bill nicely today.  Let's hope that I can schedule a few more of these quieter moments into 2013 and beyond!


  1. I hope Louis mixed you a vodka martini before he left!

  2. Oh for a whole day to myself with no interruptions. Peace indeed. All the best for the New Year.
    Love from Mum

  3. A day home alone seems well deserved! Catching up on your recent posts in a brief bit of internet access, I was pleased to learn that Louis got his hoped for cocktail making kit - augurs well for the future! I was given similar stuff for my birthday in August and got round to using it for 'Berry Cocktails' complete with deep pink sugar-frosted glass rims on our 'fake' Christmas Day - great fun. With an open house planned for the New Year, I'm hoping to shake up some delicious drinks AND deal with bingo wings in one go!