Sunday, 9 December 2012

Railly Good Gift

The newspapers are full of ideas for Christmas gifts at the moment but I think I'll pass on the Lion Dung Cat Repellent that I spotted in the Telegraph.  I don't go much on the moustache doormat recommended by the Independent either. Isn't there enough tat in the world already?

One thing has caught my eye in passing  though. It could be the ideal solution  for friends and family with wanderlust or for those who need a gentle nudge in direction of greener and more sustainable living.  Did you know that for the humble price of £26 you can buy a railcard for seniors, students or those who regularly travel with kids as a gift card?  A  year's entitlement to a third off all adult fares and 60% reduction in ticket prices for children means that the cost of journey's when booked early is cheaper than filling up the car with petrol.  And less CO2 emission too!  That's got to be better than the ubiquitous Christmas jumper or a novelty pair of Christmas socks. 

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