Monday, 31 December 2012


It's that time of year when we all examine our navels.  Mine is clean and devoid of blue/grey fluff.  But how has my metaphorical belly button been in the last year?

Well, I thought that 2011, with  its episode of life threatening illness, was difficult.  But 2012 has turned out to be a toughie too.  I knew that marital separation wouldn't exactly be a breeze but there's been lots going on in the background that has added and added to stress levels.  Now I've stopped for a couple of weeks I've realised just how much tension has built up over the last 365 days.  Things have to change in 2013.

There's no big list of resolutions.  Instead I'm going to focus on getting the basics right for a couple of months; healthy eating, good sleep, exercise and maintaining work-life balance. Then once I'm back on track I can see what other stuff can be added into the mix!


  1. Glad you've had those two weeks in which to relax - it must have been a difficult year with all that change. Good luck for 2013 - lots to look forward to from the sounds of it!

  2. It's good to hear that you've benefited from your time off. I think it's only when we stop that we realise just how much we've needed to! I do hope that 2013 is a better year for you.x

  3. Wishing you a happy new year and all the best with getting those basics right! I struggle to achieve the four of them all at once, so I'm with you all the way!