Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Santa's Audit

Merry Christmas one and all! Now I know the important thing is, depending on our perspective,  that it is a religious festival, or a time for focusing on our friends and families.  It shouldn't be about consumer excess but you try getting that message across to the kids.  What they're all looking forward to, of course, is the presents.

So here's Louis' stocking that Santa Lovelygrey filled shortly after he went to bed last night.  Hanging it outside the bedroom door is, to my mind,  far better than the traditional end of the bed arrangement, a scenario that leaves frazzled parents staying up until the early hours of the morning waiting for hyped up offspring to doze off.  There's another bag of bigger goodies that's appeared under our tree too.

But was my hundred pound budget adhered to?  Thanks to Poundland, charity shops  and a three for two deal on toys at Tesco the answer is a resounding yes.  There's lots of that tat beloved of the younger age group as well as a lovely box of Lego, a bundle of vintage comic books and a strange flying saucer contraption.  And the thing poking out of the stocking?  Well, that's  the cocktail shaker Louis requested, kindly donated free of charge by a friend who had one lurking unused in the back of a cupboard.  Now the thorny question coming to my mind is whether we should stick to non alcoholic concoctions or teach a nine year old a skill that will hold him in good stead into his adult life - How to mix the perfect vodka martini for his mum?