Saturday, 8 December 2012

Snuggly Sleep Forever

I think about death perhaps a little more than the average Josephine Public because of the nature of my work that brings me into contact with people at the end of their natural life.  For many, I privately jump for joy when they are released from the tortured state that dementia can sometimes bring.

And I contemplated my own journey away from this mortal coil briefly when very poorly last year.  I wasn't  the only one.  Louis asked  if he could turn me into a mummy if I died.  I blamed the school and their Egyptian themed term for that  rather bizarre request.

I've no intention of departing this earth in the near future. There's far too much that I want to do down here.  But if I did have to go up to my cloud in the sky I'd like to be wrapped in this cosy cocoon by local feltmaker Bellacouche.  So much cosier than a coffin..  And as I discovered in a pop up shop in Totnes yesterday, they make tea cosies too!


  1. I want to be in a wicker coffin! I have left instructions with my grown up son as to the music I want which is not at all funerial!

  2. I have had everything arranged for quite a while- the music and poetry have been chosen and I want a cardboard coffin.

  3. I went to a humanist service (is that the right word?) last year. My lovely friend had made all her own arrangements. I liked the way it was conducted, so for me that would be the way to go.

  4. cremate me and throw me at the mouth of the river dart and the sea.