Sunday, 23 December 2012

The Brian May of Pot Plants?

In the spirit of going gently on myself I had a day off blogging yesterday because there was too much else to do.  I could go all Christmassy but my own preparations and celebrations really aren't very different to everyone else's.  Instead I'll share the touching story of Mr Anonymous from Guyana's pot plant.

Until three or four months ago, he languished on a shelf in our office, not Mr AfG  that is, but 'Brian' in case there's any confusion. To tell the truth,  I hadn't even noticed him.  Then Mr AfG decided to lavish some TLC which consists of lots of direct sunlight, correct watering, early morning morale boosting chats and leaf stroking.  All that attention has yielded a thriving specimen, which we believe from a bit of research is related to Tradescantia, the dubiously nicknamed Wandering Jew plant.   I wonder what the equality and diversity bods might have to say about that.

Anyway I think that this plant is the spit of the guitarist from Queen and in an attempt to conjure up some cheesy puns I've been trawling through Wiki's list of the group's songs.  But alas  this was in vain.  The best I can do is 'I'm going slightly mad' which is pretty darn poor.  Perhaps a reader will have a better idea.  Mr AfG takes umbrage with the fact that I've given the plant a male name as he's insistent it's a girl.  So out of respect for his wishes I've renamed named 'her'.   So gather round and admire the Anita Dobson of pot plants!   Mr AfG  has said that I can take a cutting in the New Year as long as I ask her permission.  My hopes are high that by giving it the same considerate treatment I'll be able to grow my own little Brian!

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