Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Luxury of a Pile of Books

I treated myself yesterday to a  backbreaking  wealth of ideas that was well worth lugging to the car.  A little bit of self help, some gorgeous morsels to knock up in the kitchen, lots of crafts and one of the funniest books I've pondered over for a long time. Cool Camping is veritable eye candy indeed but  there's no way I'm going to be lugging a milk churn across a festival site just in case I need to put out my bonfire. The turntable too, for my cool vinyl can stay at home as well.  Ray Mears would have a fit at all this malarkey.  There's not even a whiff of Cath Kidston on his watch.

This pile of thrill generating loveliness would have cost a fortune on Amazon, even if I had resorted to the marketplace where there are bargains to be had.  But because my spree took place in the local library my pounds have  stayed firmly in my pocket.  Except for that twenty two pence fine because I took a book back a day late in spite of the online reminders.  Oops!  As for those  wild impulsive choices that might not turn out to be so good as they looked on the shelf, they won't be cluttering up Lovelygrey Cottage but will be winging their way back to the communal shelves at the end of the borrowing period.  Who knows? Some hapless bloke out there may  find packing strawberry lip gloss in his camp grooming kit really turns out to be a life changing experience!


  1. I share your library love and have only bought one book from amazon in the past two years, which is absolutely amazing for me.Very intrigued by the psycopath book, lol

  2. make that psychopath - all that reading obviously isn't helping my spelling!