Friday, 28 December 2012

Weird Pinkie!

I don't think that my size 7 hoofs would appeal to any foot fetishists out there.  When I used to walk barefoot around the office during hot summers one of my colleagues nicknamed me 'The Velociraptor! However, they're possibly of interest to podiatry students and those who need to illustrate a cautionary tale about what happens if you wear stupid shoes - even for a short period in your life.

It wasn't easy to find a name for my weird nail that grows upwards instead lying flat on my little toe but at last I've tracked it down.  It's called a 'ski jump' nail.  Try putting varnish on that!  The reason it's like that?  Well, apparently the nail bed follows the shape of the underlying bone which also curves upwards in a shape that would have Eddie the Eagle raring to go.

Those of you who are even slightly observant might notice that other things are awry.  That great big bruise on my big toe?  That's where I dropped my motorhome gas bottle on our summer jaunt in August.  When I did it the cussin' could be heard half way across France.  It's gradually moving upwards but I reckon I've got it as a bodily feature for another year.  That curvy fourth digit isn't conforming to its natural god given shape either.  It was deformed in my youth by unsuitable footwear.

But how can that be?  To my mother's dismay I have forever been a sensible shoe type of girl.  Clumpy she would say.  And therein lies the problem.  When I was young the normally sensible Mama Lovelygrey refused to buy me party shoes unless they were very high and pointy.  I succumbed just twice to this idiocy but no matter.  The damage was done.  'Pride feels no pain' she stated as she also pushed her own feet into impossibly cramped shoe beds.  I'm begging to differ here!


  1. You were meant to be a ballet dancer ,as your next two toes are the same length as your big toe , Jan xx

  2. AHA! finally someone with feet almost as bad as mine. I have big, wide feet that would make yours appear tiny. On my right foot my toes separate after the 2nd toe and they curve down. It's not really painful, but sometimes I do get a pang.My right foot is almost a 1/2 size bigger than my left....making shoe shopping interesting. I'm not sure what caused all of my problems...I'll talk to the Dr next month. Ever since I can remember my preferred footwear has been nothing...I like to go barefoot. Good luck with the bruise. My grandson dropped something REALLY heavy on his big toe and he finally lost the nail this fall.

  3. i have gappy toes too - it also looks like you have a yeast infection? mycil? love froogs