Monday, 21 January 2013

A Nice Clean Knob

Guess what I was doing at the weekend?  A few of the muckier minded among you may thing that I've got myself a fastidious new boyfriend but no chance!  There's no way I'm ready to share my life or living space for an extended period of time with any bloke except the little one.   Also if I was,  I wouldn't have a clue, except by using my acute sense of smell, of the state of his bits early on in a relationship.   So for anyone who's here because they've  found me on Google after searching for something completely different,  you're definitely in the wrong place.  You're very welcome to stay but bear in mind I'm a more puritanical than you'd hope to find.

No, what I want to talk about today is something far more satisfying - cleaning!  Actually I jest.  I hate housework but as I love a pristine house and don't have enough money to employ 'a lady that does', it has to be tackled.  My store cleaning products is relatively small - bleach, a multipurpose squirter, white vinegar, furniture polish, some cream cleaner  and biological washing powder tablets.

The last item is used sparingly, though, I hasten to add, not for laundering.  As I'm biological myself I find the residual enzymes in them make me itch though they're great for stubborn grease and stain removal.  Just dilute a tablet in hot water in the sink, stick your dirty knobs in there for about half an hour with the ironwork from the hob and the removable bits from the inside of the dishwasher.  After a quick rinse off you'll have grease free appliance perfection! 

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