Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Damn my Decluttering Habit!

Now I don't have a lot of magazines lying around  as I'm really rather good, not only at blowing my own trumpet but of ridding my home of things that lie untouched for any period of time.   But if I did I'd hanker after this nifty storage solution that I stumbled upon that can be had by coughing up some wonga and sending it off to a German company called  Of course, any nifty crafters with impossibly small bottoms might  want to knock up their own version.  I'm seeing a pile of National Geographic Magazines with a zany '50s print cushion atop.  Or for those of us blessed with more amply proportioned buttocks, how about copies of the more generously proportioned Financial Times, its pink pages topped with a comfy monochrome seat?

1 comment:

  1. I saw that and thought how good my Martha Stewart mags [from 1996 - 2005] would look. Then I realised that I refer to them - and if I strapped them together, I owuld be forever UNstrapping them to find that recipe!!

    blessings xx