Saturday, 12 January 2013

Ditch the Fruit Bowl

Here's my own fruit bowl that was bought for a snip from, yes, a charity shop.  I think I paid £3.50 for it. Mama Lovelygrey marvels at it.  She likes a bit of woodcarving herself, see this link if you're interested, and she's dead impressed that the whole thing - stand, handle, everything - is carved from just one flat piece of apple shaped wood!

Anyway, it's become redundant for the time-being, as a fruit bowl at least. For I've discovered that all my five a day essentials keep better in the fridge.  I had a pear yesterday that I bought over three weeks ago that was perfectly ripe and delicious.  Imagine how that might have been if I'd kept it at room temperature for that long. It would have been liquid by now, acquired mates in the form of insect life and would have been dragging its other fruity friends down with it!

I was inspired to write this post on hearing the news that over half of the world's food production is wasted.  A terrible figure!  Let's hope it contributes in a teeny tiny way to cutting this figure.  And to help you implement it yourself, here's  a link to an article written by people that seem far more expert on the matter than me!

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  1. These type of wooden bowls are brilliant and so cleverly made from one piece of wood. I keep my fruit in a bowl so I'll think now of keeping it in the fridge. Thanks for the tip.
    Love from Mum