Saturday, 19 January 2013

Hey Up!

It's that Lovelygrey again backtracking on things she said she's going to do.  Here she is less than a month in from making up 'The Rules' that were going to govern her spending into 2013 and now she's at home drinking beer on her tod.

But hang on a minute!  Look at the packaging of this Bavaria beer.  It's 0% alcohol.  Ha!,  my resolve is intact but there are moments when I get fed up of cuppas, squash, water, juice and fizzy pop and need something more adult and well - beery!

Now most of the alcohol free beers I've tasted before are revolting.  I'm including some big names in there too, like Beck's Blue, which has some good write ups but I loathe it.  This one though is far more acceptable.  When cold it's almost indistinguishable from those German lagers we know and love.  A slight hint of sweetness might be the thing that gives it away.  But hey that's not too bad and this comes from a woman who refuses to drink tea if it's been stirred with a sugary spoon.  I've just thought of another obvious giveaway too.  You can drink shedloads of the stuff without turning into a jibbering wreck and telling everyone that you love them.

There's a financial incentive too to choosing my latest choice of beverage.  They sell it in ASDA for £1 for four bottles.  For the mathematically challenged among you that's just a bargain 25p each!

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