Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Spring Cleaned Room, Spring Cleaned Head

I've just left a message on Mum's blog  as she was reviewing how well she kept her New Year's resolutions in 2012 reminding her that I didn't make any.  Too many targets and goals are major stressors for me so I've cut back on lists, both in my head and wherever else I used to put them.  Instead I'm focusing on one or two things at a time, setting myself a generous deadline to get the job down..

Now I'm a messy mare but like to live in a pristine environment.  This mismatch can cause its own heap of inner turmoil too.  My study has been a no go pit for some time;  it looked like I was a contender for one of those programmes where a psychologist sorts out a severe hoarding habit.    Note the nifty use of the semi colon here.  I think I'm getting it!

So at the beginning of January I gave myself the task of spring cleaning my work space and assigned a leisurely month to do it.  By the 6th of this month it was done!  It's a pleasure to work in here now and I can put my finger on whatever I need in an instant because I know where everything is.  Louis' just asked for some squared paper.  'There you go son'.  It's with all the other stationery goods.

Time to move on more life enhancing tasks.  There's two projects to complete before my skiing holiday at half term.  I'll tell you about them when they're all done and dusted!


  1. My attic room desperately needs decluttering; it has become something of a dumping ground. I may have to shame myself with photos on the blog! I'm going to have to get it done as I want to revamp it without spending any money, and the plans and ideas are whirring round in my head

  2. Your office looks pristine. I started on the kitchen cupboards today and found Marmite and coffee to last us the rest of the year! I'm doing well on the decluttering so far but had a lapse this afternoon when I walked in the junk shop! Never mind I'll get back on track tomorrow.
    Love from Mum