Sunday, 27 January 2013

Just Finished Reading: Capital

The fact that I'm regularly reading again after a long pause is a good sign.  I finished Smut by Alan Bennett over the Christmas break but can't review that here.  Mama Lovelygrey was beside herself with moral indignation  just after reading the book's jacket.  I have to admit that it's two stories were a lot more saucy than my innocent old mum could have handled!

Then I finished The Edible Woman,  the first novel by Margaret Atwood which I'd had on the go for a few months. I'll be honest and admit that I didn't like this book enough to devour it, like I did with her later published works. However, I didn't detest it enough to cast it to one side either.  Now, a few weeks on I can't remember very much about it at all.

Capital though by John Lanchester is a completely different kettle of fish  altogether.  I'd heard the author talking about his new novel on BBC Radio 4's Loose Ends and thought it sounded right up my street.  And by Jiminy, it was at the local library so I didn't have to sneak out and buy it, breaking my 2013 rules in the process.

In 2007 a card drops through each letterbox of a 'typical' street in London with the message 'We Want What You Have'.  The story that unfolds explores the lives of the people living and working on Pepys Road and what they really do possess.   Ultimately the mystery of who is sending the messages is, of course, solved.  Perhaps it appeals because my nosey side often wonders about what goes on in the homes of others.   Those seemingly identical facades on our estates house people with very different experiences within their walls.

I see that Capital is the number 1 bestseller in the fiction category at Amazon. And for those of you with a Kindle who live in England, it costs only 20p to download.  An absolute bargain!  For me though it's time to get my copy back to the library.  Let's hope the next borrower gets as much pleasure from it as I did.


  1. I also read Capital early last year, like you via my local library. I also enjoy a book that makes me reflect on the society we now have, particularly n London.

  2. I've just ordered it for my kindle on Amazon. Didn't think 20p would break my no spending rule - well, okay, I'm bending the rule slightly!