Sunday, 13 January 2013

A Stack in Staffordshire

Little by little, step by step I'm starting to get the basics of life right.  My sleep has improved, my diet is getting healthier and occasionally I slip in a meditative state.  What I'm really the most proud of is that the reintroduction of regular exercise is going well.  In a week where I've returned to work after a break and the nights are long and dark I've managed a swim and two walks of over an hour's duration.  This is an achievement indeed after months where, due to pesky hormonal activity,  I was too tired to do very much at all in my spare time.

Today's walk was up in the Midlands as Lou and I were there for the weekend visiting friends.  Just thirty minutes  away from the hustle and bustle Birmingham there's a beautiful landscape to discover.  You just need a couple of  peeps with  local knowledge as guides and Bob's your uncle!

Pooley Country Park is a landscape that wouldn't have existed without the  mining activity which used to go on there.  The pools were created as a consequence of subsidence and the gurt big hill that this sculpture is on is an old slag heap!  I promise that the area is a lot more beautiful than it sounds.  This sculpture was commissioned by the council and was met with mumblings and grumblings from disgruntled residents who don't share my love of modern art and especially the costs of commissioning it.  Gold leaf: Buried Sunlight cost £110,000 and I'm not even sure that the artists,Dalziel and Scullion, have used colons correctly.  Surely it's name should be grammatically correct for that price!

Anyway I like both the art and the concept.  Each segment is in the shape of a beech leaf and the thousands of pieces represent the enormous amount of plant matter that went to make up the fuel reserves on the site.  It's just a pity that I'm now back in Devon.  It would have been great to return tomorrow to see what this golden tower would look like in the forecasted snowscape.

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