Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Loss of Resolve on Resolutions

Picture: Bookshelf Porn
Happy New Year to one and all!  This year I celebrated the transition from 2012 to 2013 with yet another whimper rather than a bang as I was  tucked up contentedly in a cosy bed way before midnight.  Let's hope that there will be lots of opportunities to stay up beyond my usual bedtime later in the year at other times that might feel  much less prescriptive and more spontaneous than during this enforced period of festivities.

It was just yesterday I wrote about going easy on myself and not making resolutions.   However I've nearly done an about turn and  jacked in my one day vow  after seeing  the poll topper  of  a LA fitness survey of two thousand people.  The most popular pledge this year wasn't those old chestnuts like losing weight or giving up smoking although  both of these took their place in the Top 40. No, the number one spot went to the absolutely splendiferous self promise to  'Read More Books'.  Now there's an easy life enhancing idea that I could sign up too!

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