Saturday, 26 January 2013

Off Piste Purchases

I said that I'd 'fess up to any purchases that weren't food and petrol to keep me on the straight and narrow of spending.  I'm pleased to say that 'The Rules' for 2013 have not been broken.  No charity shop clothes, no books or any of the other stuff.  I'm especially pleased to have kept to my no lone drinking pledge as there's nothing nicer after a particularly stressful day at work than to curl up with a glass of white or red.  Now I just reach for the PG Tips instead!

So what have I bought that hasn't sent me to jail without passing go because of being 'legal'.  Well there's a clothes brush and battery charger for the motorhome.  Every so often I find that there's something, like these items,  that falls into the category of stuff that would have been lying around in my former marital home but I'd forgotten to buy when moving in.    I replaced my bathroom scales as my old ones kept coming up with an error message even after I'd changed the battery.  And then I broke a measuring jug and got a new one from Asda.  It was 35p, but as they say on the advert, 'Every little helps'.  Whilst there I bought a set of storage containers in their sale for £3 which have been jolly useful in helping  my study to remain spick and span.

And then there's this lovely crocheted blanket, my latest Ebay find.  The birdie cushion is one of my creations, finished a couple of years ago.  It sets it off nicely.   My latest heirloom wasn't cheap, with postage it came to just over seventy pounds, but it's king sized and pure wool.  More importantly it stops me embarking on another craft journey where I spend shiploads on courses, equipment and materials.  My blankie buying days are now done.  I now have sufficient to allow anyone who visits to keep toasty warm.  My guests can now snuggle on their own if they're reluctant to hunker down with me under the first granny knit that I purchased!


  1. Gorgeous blanket and cushion x

  2. I live that cushion - runs off to fabric stash to see if she can replicate it in appliqué.

    Laters hon