Thursday, 24 January 2013

Pandora or Puss?

A friend of mine received this as a gift, a much coveted Pandora charm bracelet.  This mass produced leather and silver item retails for a cool £40!  After raw materials and minimal labour costs are taken into account, I reckon the purchaser paid rather a large fraction of his money over merely for branding.

I don't get why the tradename 'Pandora' is used either.  What's that all about?  According to the legend, when Pandora opened her box, a wedding present from Zeus, she let out into the world all the evils that it had been packed with.  Oh, and hope as well which is a good thing.  But I wouldn't want my brand to be associated with disease and poverty as well.

Let me show you something on Etsy that's handcrafted, made from the same materials that can be further personalised with charms and costs a similar amount.  And if this is not your bag there's plenty more unique pieces to choose from made by artisans around the globe.  To me something unique like this would be far more precious than a mass produced must have!


  1. I'd definitely choose the individual over the mass produced. I don't wear jewellery other than my wedding and engagement rings, but avoid mass produced items for my home. I'd far rather have things that I've made or breathe new life into the old and unloved.

  2. I don't 'get' the Pandora thing either, there's a huge shop in my local shopping centre, loads of bright lights and display cabinets with just one or two teensy little charms on display - over Christmas the queues were forming outside ! unbelievable, what a rip-off. People can be so gullible just to appear 'cool' and keeping up with the Jonese's.

  3. Maybe it's because what was left in Pandora's box after everything else escaped was "Hope" - and in a gloomy Jan we all need a dose of that.

    I wear little jewellery - but I have got a braided reindeer leather and silver necklace that holds a special place in my heart (from the one that I never quite got the timing right with LOL)

    Individuality is my preference.

  4. I don't get the Pandora thing either. Why be a clone?


  5. Ever tried to undo a Pandora clasp. Broke a nail in the shop trying one! That endedd that decision.

    My dear friend found me a bangle bracelet from Chamilla that does exactly what Pandora does but at a fraction of the cost.