Friday, 4 January 2013

Passing Pigs, Icy Penguins, Apple Catching Panties and a Public Apology to Paul!

Mmmmm....I think that's enough  Ps in the today's title!  It occurred to me that a few of you out there might have got the wrong end oof the stick yesterday and thought  I'd given up extraneous spending over the Christmas period altogether.  So to avoid the charge of porky pie telling hypocrite  I thought I'd come clean and 'fess up on all £11.98 of my extraneous purchases..  None of these are, I hasten to add, on my 2013 forbidden list.

  • Pass the Pigs Game:  Stocking up the empty drawer where I hide away presents for Louis' Christmas and  birthday. New on Amazon, a questionable snip at £11.99.  My purchase, albeit of an older edition of the game, was just 99p in the Mind shop in Leigh-on-Sea.
  • A half hearted ice cube tray hunt was unsuccessful on Christmas Eve so I was pleased to find a silicon one for 99p that produces mini ice sculptures of penguins.   This timely find was again  in a charity shop.  
  • Bum Warming Apple Catchers:  Simiiar to Sloggies but just three pairs for a fiver in Primark.   I snapped up two packs to top up a rather depleted looking knicker drawer. 
It's occured to me that sharing all my purchases beyond fuel, food and frugal frollicking with friend may be a good idea to keep spending in check.  After all, if I have to come clean about acquisitions they've got to be worth having.  We'll see how this goes.  And on an entirely different note....

......Paul, you were right.  Even though it's a completly stupid idea and I still feel that I was entirely justified to rule it out as a figment of your creative imagination,  there was indeed a tank with two crocodiles in it at the Rayleigh nightclub.  The likes of Culture Club and Depech Mode played there in the 1980s.  Deepest apologies for doubting you  Big Sis xxxx

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