Sunday, 20 January 2013

Playing with the Shadows

Afternoon all! I'm having a lovely busy weekend but there's nothing of my own to show you at the moment.   However, I do want to bring the joy of artistic endeavour into your lives so I thought I'd share a piece of work by Raymond Crowe, an Aussie who calls himself an unusualist.  Every home should have one!

Extensive research - okay about ninety seconds - has revealed that Raymond is in no way related to the lush looking, but allegedly behaviourally challenged, Russell Crowe.  I'm sure the famous actor would have been  known as a more well rounded guy  had he have been brought up in the environs of someone zany enough to become adept at ventriloquism, shadow puppetry, magic and something called jacket dancing.  Lord knows what that is but I bet it would have sorted old Russ out.  Then again he might have gone off to be an overseas charity worker or something and I'd have never had the image of him in his gladiator suit to conjure up smutty thoughts!

Anyway enough of that!  Let's move onto the main nub of this post.  Just click on the video link below to see shadow puppetry of the highest order!


  1. This is amazing and put a big smile on my face remembering my Dad doing shadow animals when I was a child. This guy is indeed very talented. Thanks for sharing it

  2. great post - you did make me laugh with you comments on Russell Crowe. x