Thursday, 10 January 2013

There's a Flake at Stake

'Don't reward your child with sweets' is a piece of advice that I seem to remember from the child rearing gurus.  Presumably it was given to prevent our offspring turning into blubbery Bernard Manning lookalikes by the age of twelve.  But Louis is as thin as a rake and frankly, confectionery is one of the only things that incentivises him.

We've been going through a patch of tricky behaviour recently.  Being the mum of an only child, I am not sure if it's related to the SpLD diagnosis or just a general kid thing, but Louis has real problems in gauging if I am serious when telling him off. Even when I'm exhibiting unmistakable signs of incandescent rage like turning as purple as Barney that excruciatingly annoying dinosaur, it's lost on him.  We've tried lots of things including a hand signal to show that I'm serious.  That worked in the past but its effectiveness is wearing off.

So then we come on to punishment if he's overstepped the mark. Latterly he's adopted a blase approach to anything I've thrown at him.  'You might as well take all this as well.' he stated, whilst emptying his piggy bank, after I withdrew pocket money.  But I think that I've come up with a plan that he's engaged with and that might make a difference.  And sorry Supernannies everywhere but my scheme involves chocolate, though only eaten at specific times to minimise the impact of any behavioural problems that sugar ingestion may cause.

We now have a sweet tin each.  When Louis is good he is rewarded by moving things across to his tin.  If he misbehaves I can take sweets away.  Whilst in my tin there is a danger that a much anticipated choccy bar could 'disappear'.  I am punished by sweet removal if I swear or drive in a wriggly way,  acts that I committed simultaneously on the way home last night.   Sh*t!  Loss of two sweets including a viciously fought over Flake!

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  1. What if it's a wriggly road?! And what if no-one hears you when you swear - do you still have to punish yourself?! Losing a Flake must have been very tough.