Thursday, 3 January 2013

What I Haven't Bought!

It's a miracle that those no-spend rules that I set for myself about a fortnight ago haven't been broken for I've indulged in a little real and virtual window shopping.  Sob!  Here's what had to stay on the shop shelves.

  • The lovely lambswool Seasalt Ensign jumper, down 50% in this Cornish retailer's sale to just £35.  Let's just stick with their yacht jumper that I bought earlier when I want to conjure up a nautical look.
  • A gorgeous midnight blue velvet Per Una dress in a charity shop for £9.99 rejected because it would have broken those rules but also because I already have a similar maroon dress which I've only had the opportunity to wear once.

  • This dish by the Cornish fused glass artist Jo Downs  banned because I have no further surfaces for it to sit on.  She does make lovely sea themed wall hangings to commission though......
  • A Poole-esque '60s dish in Oxfam, that in earlier times would have been snapped up like a shot, was also vetoed for the same reason!

  • I'd hoped that this tome by Mr F-W might have come my way for Christmas but alas! I didn't hint hard enough.  So, it had to be bypassed on a trip to WH Smith where Louis went to pick up a 2013 Beano Annual for the bargain price of £1.99.

As for my other no-go categories - kitchen gadgets, shop bought lunches, lone tippling juice, crafting stuff, cards and gift wrap - I've survived a fortnight temptation free.  Perhaps another update will be in order when I return to Devon and get back to a normal working life where there are entirely different retail settings and scenarios that could potentially lure me in!


  1. It's hard to resist, but you did magnificently well to walk away. I award you the top prize for cast iron willpower.

  2. Wise woman, well done. So far this year I have walked away from cheap gift wrap, coffee mugs [possible 'emergency gifts'] 2 jumpers [not really needed] and Jamie's 15 minute meals.

    I have more than enough - and JO and HFW will soon have their books in the library [or I shall shamelessly ask my daughters to lend me their Christmas copies for a week or two]

    new year blessings xx

  3. You have done well. For me keeping out of the shops is a piece of cake, it is online shopping that is the killer.