Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Why the Growly Voice?

Both me and Louis had a rare day off sick yesterday because over the weekend we shared  a D&V bug. Lou suffered symptoms at one end of the body whereas my own particular  bout of seasonal loveliness manifested itself at the other!  Enough said but it's  rather a good job that we have two toilets in the house.  On Monday we still felt queasy so didn't feel too guilty about staying at home for the 48 hour period that you're supposed to after being struck down by this particular kind of lurgy.   Safe and sensible advice indeed.  We don't want to spread our vile germs around a school and a hospital after all.

When I phoned up work to let them know that I wouldn't be in, I think I sounded quite perky.  My voice was its normal tone. That's because my throat muscles have in no way been affected  by gastro-intestinal problems.  So I'm at a loss to understand those folks, normally men, who call into the office, their gravelly and broken speech suggestive of having developed  laryngitis alongside anything else that might be ailing them, even if it happens to be a broken toe!

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