Wednesday, 27 February 2013

2013 The Rules: An Update

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It's now over two months since I set my spending rules for 2013 and really I'm feeling rather chuffed with myself.  No books, shelf fillers, cards or weird and wonderful kitchen gadgets have caused me to break open break open my purse with a defeated cry of 'Oh sod it!".  I thought that I  would have to break the self imposed law when it came to clothes after I tried on my ski gear.  You see, I'd grown porkier since my last trip.  However I managed to squeeze myself in my jacket and salopettes if I resorted to inhaling really shallow breaths.  For the first few days on the pistes doing up zips was a struggle but after the week went by it did seem to get easier.  Either I'd got slightly trimmer with all that exercise and healthy eating or Gore-Tex stretches with use!

However those that know me will understand that my will isn't completely steadfast.  I succumbed once to a lone Friday night tipple whilst watching a bit of telly.  That darned cooking wine came into my home just a little too early. And I bought lunch on the days that I went to Double Elephant in Exeter for my lino cutting course.  The bacon and egg sandwich from the Gandy Street Kitchen was totally lush and whilst not entirely guilt free I can console myself with the fact that I bought from a local business and not a chain.

Whilst I've mentioned printing I am now going to 'fess up to my biggest transgression to date.  Yesterday a whole load of 'contraband' lino and a cutting board arrived.  This totally contravenes the ban on buying craft materials except to finish existing projects.  I'm hanging my head in shame and will be rushing to a nearby Catholic church to absolve for my sin.  Actually that's a flagrant lie as  I'm over the moon.  Let's get on with cutting that cat picture for my good friend Dr Betty!

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