Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A Favourite Holiday Tipple

Now here's a post dedicated to  Nana Lovelygrey for I know that she's more than a little partial to this stuff.  Do you all know that brandy is not just the reserve of our French chums but other countries as far flung as America, Peru and Albania produce it too?  The stuff produced by the Andalucians in the South of Spain is one of my favourite tipples, a by-product of sherry production and quite a lot sweeter and stickier than its counterparts from over the border. For all those non teatotallers out there I urge you to give it a try.   It's yummy and as a bonus it quite a lot cheaper than the Hennessy XO and Remy Martin out there.  I've succombed to buying a bottle for a mere eight Euros in the shop down the road from the hotel and it's becoming more and more available in UK supermarkets.  This special drink with the 'Osborne Bull' is providing me with a rather special post holiday dinner digestif.

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